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New sports Photography!

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Some more goodies from these past few weeks!


More Action Shots from this past week!

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Starting to love shooting Sports Photography! Here’s a few great shots .


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Episode 1, Season 2
This is the first episode of 2014!

This year I had the privilege to check out prince sole’s new album at the release party. Hung out with a lot of people I know and got some good footage. Prince Sole has come a long way from way back when I remember him from flight team and recording collabs with myself and the homie most at my apartment. Also got to work with the talented people from Redwall Studios and 9190 for the Kid Ryan video shoot called “Run That”. I’ve been working with Edgar for some time now and I have to say he has been working hard on the video and graphic side of this business, really happy to see them do really good! I recognize hard working people such as SunnyBeatz, despite how his name sounds I’m pretty sure he does way more video then beats now a days. Sunny and Edgar have been producing high quality grade music videos these past months and I salute them because there’s only a few in our town that can do that. Pizza, pizza, pizza, can’t have enough of it if it’s at mountain mike’s by alum rock. Had the pleasure to celebrate Chris’ bday. Chris is family to me and I only wish the best for him, hope you had a good time Chris! Anybody that knows me, knows that I’m not a big football kinda guy but I enjoy watching sports anyways; with that been said it was Niners vs. Seahawks. As far as I know the game was pretty good but I’m no expert in that field so all I can do is cheer for our team. Lately I’ve been trying to get more involved with events in my community so The Sole Expo 3 was taken place in San Jose which I’m grateful for. Not only you get to see other people that are passionate about what they love but you get to networks and enjoy some entertainment with the barber and shoe competitions that took place. Initially I was there to film exclusively for my boy’s clothing brand which is S.Cal Clothing but I couldn’t help but to shoot the whole event. You know I had to save the best for last. I became a father to a beautiful girl named Adelynn Figueroa this year! I’m the happiest person alive right now, I see why my friends that are parents always seem soo happy with their children. It is truly a blessing to have one of your own, this has opened my eyes to a think bigger and better now. These videos just reflect some parts of my life and what I love to do, I hope you guys find them somewhat interesting to watch. At the end of it all, I do this because I love to it. Enjoy!