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Apple iPad Pro + Apple Pencil Review

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So I recently had the chance to upgrade my iPad Mini for the iPad Pro. First of all, WOW; what a huge improvement! I’ve always wanted a Wacom tablet to do all my design work but knowing the versatility of the iPad I just decided to upgrade and use all the features that the Apple world have to give.  The fluid and response motion of the drawing is dam near paper like. I also love the fact that palm rejection works very well with the pen. I’ve also noticed that the pressure and tilt response is pretty good, press hard and you get a darker ink effect as well when you lightly tap. The size of the iPad I have is the 10.5in which is think is perfect! Not too big and not too small for travel and in house use. The only few things that threw me off is how do I know the apple pen is turned off, no indication on the iPad to turn off or any LED lights on the pen itself; I soon found out that it will go on sleep mode when the Bluetooth is turned off. I haven’t depleted the battery of the pen on a full charge so I can’t really say on heavy use how long it will last but so far it seems fair. The iPad has somewhat of an ok battery life starting at 100% and using the adobe apps, I might of only used like 6-10% of the battery doing this sketch which seems ok but I feel like it shouldn’t use that much but then again I don’t know much about the tech going on inside so can’t really say too much. Overall I really love the upgrade and how fast and nice the ipad screen looks so very happy with it.


Follow the story on Snap

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To be honest, I really don’t like social media but I use it to promote my business and get more work so in honor of this thought, I made this design. hahaah. bye!

Dj Ozzy – Trapatio Mix – Free Download

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The good friend Dj Ozzy cooked up a spicy mix and here it is for free! Enjoy!

New work for La Korita Restaurant & Sports Bar

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It’s been great working with this new business called “La Korita Restaurant & Sports Bar” Located 163 W Alma Ave, San Jose, CA 95110. I’ve tried their Aguachile, Burrito Mojado and Tostada de Ceviche de Pescado and their all pretty damm good! They also have some tasty Micheladas which you can’t go wrong with. Check them out daily from 10am-12am.

lakorita_location_promotion_102716 la-korita lakorita_7mares_dish04_102416 lakorita_ensaladadesalmon_dish01_102416

New website for JMG Remodeling

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New website design and branding for JMG Remodeling


Exclusive Design for my queen.

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Been trying out the new Adobe Sketch Apps and I’m pretty amazed on how versatile they can be. I was able to use a stylus and my ipad to sketch this portrait of my daughter. More designs to come.


New Pics for Little Matteo.

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing the new addition to the big Family Tree. These new pics will be going under my new brand called “LiveMekanics” which will be dedicated to video and photo only.

DancingFramed_LiveMekanics_3 SoccerFramed_LiveMekanics_2 SupermanFramed_LiveMekanics_1