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Djn along with my boy Dj Sharkie at the 10th Annual Bike Party Event in San Jose!!

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Don’t miss a chance to be a part of one of the biggest events of the year!


Dj Speedy Productions

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Grabbed a few shots of my guy Dj Speedy (IG: DjSpeedy408)


Ritmo Unido at SOFA 2017

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We had the pleasure of assisting the SOFA musical festival downtown San Jose and it was very fun!!!! A huge shout out to Sonido Clash for letting DJ Ozzy get down on the tables! Here are some shots.

Xmas Event for Reed & Graham 2016

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Sharing a few shots of the setup I did for Reed & Graham Xmas Party!

reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-14 reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-13
reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-11 reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-10 reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-9

reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-6 reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-5 reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-4
reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-2 reed-and-graham-setup-pics-resized-1

October 28th at Golden Gloves Boxing with DJ Choco in da mix!

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Come out with the fam and have some fun!


This Saturday come rock with Dj Speedy at 840 Lounge!

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It’s going down at 840 lounge this Saturday!


25th Anniversary event with Dj Live and Dj Whatever

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A huge thanks to Jason for allowing me to dj for his beautiful family. These are the events that remind me of what family is all about and how strong love can be. I wish Jason’s parents many more happy moments to come.

Un enorme agradecimiento a Jason por permitirme dj por su hermosa familia. Estos son los eventos que me recuerdan que es la familia y qué tan fuerte puede ser el amor. Le deseo los padres de Jason muchos momentos más felices en el futuro.

2014-11-02 14.22.20