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Get in on this sweet deal before it expires!

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For anybody that hasn’t book me yet, this is the time to get a discount with your contract!

New Ritmo Unido Art

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Been inspired lately to create some work based on where I’m from and where I live now.

ig-ritmo-unido-design-07 ig-ritmo-unido-design-07_v02

Every Tuesday at Dave and Buster’s of Milpitas!

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We’ve been hard at work trying to make cool events for the public and one of them is Latin Tuesdays at Dave and Buster’s of Milpitas. We have a good line-up of diverse and skilled Latin Djs that can get your feet moving! Come out and enjoy a $2 Beer at the bar along with some good music.


Mezcla o Plomo by Flesh Designz

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Here’s some fun Narcos + Music art for ya’ll.


25th Anniversary event with Dj Live and Dj Whatever

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A huge thanks to Jason for allowing me to dj for his beautiful family. These are the events that remind me of what family is all about and how strong love can be. I wish Jason’s parents many more happy moments to come.

Un enorme agradecimiento a Jason por permitirme dj por su hermosa familia. Estos son los eventos que me recuerdan que es la familia y qué tan fuerte puede ser el amor. Le deseo los padres de Jason muchos momentos más felices en el futuro.

2014-11-02 14.22.20

Kids X Music (Produced by Dj Live)

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Lately I’ve been working on some mini documentaries with a selected few that deserve it. I have the tools and skills to tell stories so why not do it for those who work really hard and stay humble. Enjoy!

Últimamente he estado trabajando en algunos mini documentales con unas personas seleccionados que se lo merece. Tengo las herramientas y habilidades para contar historias así que por qué no hacerlo para aquellos que trabajan muy duro y son humilde. Disfruten!

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Dj Izze at the X-Fest in Modesto!

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Had a good time editing this video for the good homie Dj Izze