For those that don’t know a little about me.

I’ve always loved good food ever since I can remember my parents whipin up some seafood dishes. I remember getting served for 7 Mares which is a seafood soup that contains all the good stuff like shrimp, scallops, mussels, crab, etc. I would finish my plate then go to the pot where the soup was and dig in for all the shrimp I can find or any other goodie, basically leaving the soup without goodies; then I would hard my dad yell “Samuel!!!!! ven para aca” (Samuel, Come over here!) I would honestly not mind the ass whoopin I got sometimes because I would always eat all the good stuff from the soups or dishes my parents made but I couldn’t help but to devour it in minutes. Now I’m 29, about to be 30 in a few months and I’m always thinking of what I want to cook next. Now this is something I have thought of for a long time but I was thinking to myself the other day “Would I consider owning a Restaurant or cooking at one ever?” and even though it’s always been closer to a “yes” I’ve come to a realization that I think I just want to cook for close friends and family than to cook for the public. Why is this you may ask? Well for those who don’t know me that well, I’m facing long days with my company and other ventures trying to make it in the bay area so cooking was always when I had a few extra hours in the week to make something delicious. I’ve also thought to myself that why don’t people cook good food at home; yes I know there’s many factors but really all you have to do is check out a few recipes and practice. The more you cook the more you understand how ingredients can work together, at least coming from a person that never went to culinary school, and while I’m sure I probably wouldn’t last in a real restaurant environment, I still love the art of cooking. It’s definitely a stress reliever for me as I’m always on the computer or dealing with clients. I believe the best advice I can give someone that wants to learn that if they want it to be the best, all you have to do is cook with love.


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