You know what I tell that beezy before she unzips my…. ????

I tell that Beezy “Slow Down” It’s going down this 28th and will be the one and only Summer Jump Off!!!!! Don’t be a square and stay home bored and lonely thinking you should had gone to the one party that everybody is talking about and will never shut up about from how dope it was the next day…… enough said..go, have fun, get some #’s, prove to your ex-boyfriends that your better then that piece of “Beep” you know what i mean…tix are only $10 and unless you still live with your parents, don’t have a job or just can’t afford 10 puny dollars…thennn…ummmm..your failing in life..hahaha..it’s simple, you give me your money, we give you LOTS OF ENTERTAINMENT!! But not just any Entertainment, we give you one hell of a time with dope artist that we hand picked and dope djs as well, backed up by Strong Promoting teams that have been in the game way longer then your tia’s so called ” Natural Black Hair” so do me and the rest of the world a favor and enjoy a piece of this illusional matrix like life. If you don’t go or you declined my invitation, I hope it was because either there was a life threatening decision to make or you just don’t have feet. Other then that, shame on you!!!!! Plus you get to meet the people that actually took the effort to make this happen for you people to enjoy!!! You can meet me, the dude that made the flyer and is djn that night, meet maniakal, a well respected person in the industry and many more from the camp. Bring your pretty lil ass to the club, wear something sexy but not too revealing because we men like to sometimes visualize you ladies different (in a good way). Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I saved a bunch of money on my turntable insurance!!! hahaaha…..see ya’ll there !!!!


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