Here’s another one ya’ll really gonna feel.
New track were leakin off our mixtape coming July.
Beat by
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Dj Live & Young Fig – Fly-0-8 Sound

Young Fig (1st Verse)

im rollin, rollin, rollin
sippin on that potion
og kush got me so high
that im showin no emotion
got ya bitch deep throatin
dick suckn in slow motion
i popped one, and im one bitch
call that an emotion
talkn bout her problems
cant tell cuz she keep on choakin
call yo self a rapper
but you anit got no devotion
keep a cast around my money
being broke is not an option
choosin all these bitches like
they was up for adoption
yes i am a beast, nothin like yo ex man
yes she is a freak,
but theres no need to join the xmen
did it on the competition
my swagg caught her attention
like keith bogans and derick rose
i be bullshittin
cannot see you haters
gucci shades blockn my vision
ponderin about money
my point of view too expensive
no need for ya 2 cents
you broke keep yo thoughts in
makin cheese  is the motive
like i moved into wisconsin
im gone bitch
like you havent seen me in a while
goin to the top like
reachin for the freshest fruit in the produce ile
im shootin up no heroin
light years away ahead of time
numerical state of mind,
illuminati, end of time
im here to fight, you here to wine
hustla in my prime
turnin music into money like
jesus did water to wine
im goin ham call me da butcher
killin em john glover
soe da gang bitch, willianaire, none other

Young Fig (Hook)

im so high im gone
mentally focused
bitch im still in the zone
up there with the stars
like silvester stallone
when im at the top
bitch leave me alone

Dj Live (2nd Verse)

i say it, east side, where i’m from, hands down
i gives a fuck, well maybe 2, really? on da last now
they wasn’t thick enough, fuck the phones, hit’em up
cuzzo on da fly-o-eight music, feelin lifted up
i must  be crazy, huh, to be the killa now
they wanna test me, huh, it’s like a scribble now
so tell me, what chu gon do, when i’m all up on ya girl
i mean, not even, like i care, and she’s even, to my spare
over-there, i’m right here, look at this, young player
and already, major leagues, yes already mvp
now you envy me, envy we, ps3, ps-me, will neva be
cus i’m lookin heaven-ly, sting is, like a million bee’s
aiming at these wanna-be’s, manikins they wanna be
the same shit, same doo-doo, same thing as yesterday
bitch i might, say-yes-today, cus i’m always yes-to-no
good-to-know my metaphors, how’s this “i neva go”
let it go, no, keyshia cole, j. cole or sean big,
more, like, sean b-i-g, what, would it be
if the people, were just plain, in, on, another set
ready, go, ya’ll know, i dj live, i can’t complain
it’s not the same, it’s not a twin, battles, in the age i’m in
stomp rappers, in the group, i’m in, it’s usually a group-of-ten
suited up, and booted up, take’em down, yeah, ya friends

i’m going in
i’m going in

Young Fig (Outro) X2

im gone
in da zone
bitch leave me alone (alone)

im gone
in da zone
bitch leave me alone (alone)


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