New Montez de Durango Interview!

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A few weeks ago I had the chance to work with some great artist such as Montez de Durango and Los Rieleros in Las Vegas! I was in charge of filming all the interviews and the concerts, I had a blast!! Anyways, here is part of the experince, everything else can be found at

Coming real soon! Stay Sharkin Vol.2!! Mixed by Dj Sharkie!

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I’ve known Sharkie for some time now and we’ve built a real good relationship in this music business. you’ve probably seen us get down at the bike parties and other events so we’ve been working together for some time now. I had an idea that would benefit both parties so I thought it would be great if Sharkie took the torch and continued the Stay Sharkin series. This will definitely be a collab but most of all a brand that both sharkie and I will carry on for our city. I hope you guys like this project were working on and the many more were working for you guys to enjoy.


New Music Video Alert!!! Outrageous Karina and Flame Gang Flow – All These Chains (Official Video)

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New heat from the fam Stay tooned!

Live in the Flesh – Episode 3, Season 2

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It’s finally here!! Episode 3 of my live in the flesh series! Check out some of the past events and memories I’ve made so far. More to come soon!!


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I know I’ve been MIA lately but I’ve been working on being a good dad and yes I know it’s not easy but just had my daughter’s first birthday and it was fabulous!! Anyways, here are some joints that are ready for download! Just click on the covers and download away!! submit your slaps at

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New Logo Design

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Recently I had the pleasure of working with an old good friend of mine and looks like she’s getting into the clothing line business! She contact me to develop a logo for her brand and her business cards. I can say it feels good that my own good friends hit me up to do their graphic work! More work from Be Logical to come soon!



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I think it’s time I go back my roots, the time I fell in love with design since the first time I layed my eyes on it. Design is life, my struggles, accomplishments, obstacles, goals, bad times, the great times, death and life. Design should be natural and seamless. It’s painting with our heart. I’ve lost some habits on how fun it was to design when my and my friend Emmanuel used to create graphics at our photoshop class back in high school. We just wanted to create something no matter what it was and we did. 10 years later I’m still doing it but I’m going to pay my respect by doing a series of graphic pieces that represent me. This project will be called “L!veProjct” . I hope you guys like it. Thank you and God bless.